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Gardening… is a lot of work,

but it’s a wholesome soul-building, stress-relieving kind of work.

Learning how to garden is very rewarding, at least that’s my perspective now, but back in the day as a kid– the garden was just another chore I dreaded.

In these times of economic uncertainty, gardening may become more valuable as food costs rise and the supply chain becomes more vulnerable.

It is our hope that this website helps others with their gardens, and that a community of sharing/caring people emerge with their own ideas to share.

So c’mon let’s share How To Garden.

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Garlic cures damping off in seedlings

For more info on damping off, see this post ( Damping off (seedlings fall over) ).

I discovered this cure by accident. Had read that pressing a couple cloves of garlic into some tapwater makes an atifungal solution that will prevent damping off. So when we had overwatered a tray of seedlings and a some of the lettuce seedlings started damping off, I broke out the garlic press and whipped up a quart jar of solution.

Recipe: 2 cloves of garlic, pressed. Scrape the pressings into the jar, and add water.
Poke hole in a canning lid and use the quart jar as an applicator.

I applied the solution thinking it would prevent any more seedlings from damping off, and it did, but to my surprise, it had also cured the lettuce seedlings that had started damping off in a few days. The seedlings returned to a healthy state and were cured.

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Damping off (seedlings fall over)

A common mistake made when starting seedlings is to over-water them. This can result in something called damping off.

You know you have fallen prey to over-watering if your otherwise healthy seedlings fall over right at the soil level and the rest of the plant stem is strong.

It is commonly said that there is nothing you can do for seedlings that succomb to damping-off. Just chalk it up as a learning experience and plant new seeds in their place. However, the very lettuce seedlings you see in the photo on this page was revived by an antifungal solution comprised simply of pressed garlic and tapwater. ( Read: Garlic cures damping off in seedlings )

Here is a photo of a seedling that has fallen prey to “damping off.”


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